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Premium Wing N' Dippin Sauce!
Spicy Garlic by Sauce Gone Wild
Tounge Burnin', Garlic Whippin', Make Your Tastebuds Go Crazy called

Spicy Garlic

The premium Spicy Garlic sauce you’re holding right now is more than a wing and dippin’ sauce- it’s a “party in a bottle”!

FIRST, we get the party started by mixing up a WILD blend of our one-of-a-kind cayenne pepper sauce, natural butter flavor and secret spices. THEN, we add the tangy zeal of apple cider vinegar, savory garlic, and heat-infusing cayenne, making this sauce truly WILD! Next, the party’s kickin’ the moment you begin “sauce-tossing” your wings, “dippin’ your chicken”, or “slather-blasting” your favorite foods!

YOU just found the secret ingredient to a good time… Now, get that party started, get sauced, and get WILD…”SAUCE GONE WILD”!

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Nutritional Info for Spicy Garlic